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Thursday BP: Alex Cobb hoping to be back before All Star break

Cobb had hip surgery after his All Star 2023 season, and is hopeful that he will be able to return before this year’s All Star break.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Alex Cobb recently spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area during the San Francisco Giants Sacramento Fan Fest event, and discussed his rehab timeline. After his All Star 2023 season, Cobb underwent offseason hip surgery at the end of October to address labrum and impingement issues.

Cobb is optimistic about the timeline of his return. He said he hopes he will be back before this year’s All Star break, and said that he has surpassed the expectations of each phase of his recovery thus far, and recently started throwing again as of last week.

The team has not given a timeline for his return, to the public or even to him, for good reason. They want him to recover fully and thoroughly, and do not want him to feel pressured to rush his return.

During his discussion with NBC Sports, Cobb talked about his excitement to work with new pitching coach Bryan Price. I thought this quote was interesting:

“It’s really refreshing to hear somebody say ‘We’re going to take care of the fundamentals that World Series teams accomplish.’ And he’s taken the reigns on that, so that’s just really nice to hear and just the philosophy of pitching and how he wants starters to work deep and have a more traditional bullpen and guys to know their roles. I think it’s something a lot of guys are longing for.”

This makes me wonder if the somewhat unorthodox approach of last season’s management of the pitching staff might have been a larger factor in the change of staff.

Either way, it will be good to get Cobb back, and eventually see Robbie Ray (more likely after the All Star break).