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Giants reach 1-year agreements with Thairo Estrada, LaMonte Wade Jr., and Tyler Rogers

They were all arbitration eligible but agreed to deals ahead of today’s 10am deadline. But what of J.D. Davis?

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The deadline for teams and their arbitration eligible players to come to an agreement before filing separate figures for a hearing next month was 10am Pacific today, and the San Francisco Giants appear to have consummated deals with three of the four eligible.

In October, we looked at the projected salaries for these arbitration-eligible players that were generated by MLB Trade Rumors; and, as we saw with the November deals for Mike Yastrzemski and Austin Slater their projection system is pretty accurate. That’s still the case!

Thairo Estrada, $4.7 million (projected: $4.8 million)

This news is courtesy of a Susan Slusser tweet.

LaMonte Wade Jr., $3.5 million (projected: $3.3 million)

This news is courtesy of a Susan Slusser tweet.

Tyler Rogers, $3.2 million (projected: $3.2 million)

Jeff Young aka BaseballJeff had this one.

That leaves J.D. Davis and his $6.8 million projection. Teams and players have until 5pm Pacific today to file their arbitration figures ahead of an arbitration hearing next month. Now, teams and players can still make a deal before then — literally right up until the hearing begins — but in recent years there has been more willingness by teams to go into the hearing and make the statistical case for why a player should make as little as possible.

Now, I could very well update this post later today when it’s announced that Davis and the Giants have agreed to a 1-year deal. They could also trade him and leave the deal or arbitration hearing up to somebody else. Or we could see the Giants take it to arbitration.

3:30pm update:

7:15pm update:

Obviously, pre-arbitration and arbitration-eligible players provide teams with the most value because it’s usually when players are their best combined with when they cost the least. It’s a great system in favor of team owners and in a sport where the revenue split is not 50/50 (it’s more like 60-40 in favor of the teams) this additional adverserial component just feels petty; but it’s the best system we’ve got, so what can you do?

Each of the signed players (including Yastrzemski and Slater) provide the Giants with solid value. We already know which key roles they fill, although Davis’s situation does feel the least “pinned down” even this deep into the offseason. Is he the starting third baseman? Hmm, maybe not. Matt Chapman looms. Is he the first baseman? Well, that’s what Wade Jr. and Wilmer Flores are for. DH? They’ve got Michael Conforto and Flores for that. A roamer? Sure. That could work. Maybe he mixes in some left field? I mean, they ran Joc Pederson out there the past two seasons. As bad as Davis is in the field, he’s certainly better than that.

We know that teams have their own way of measuring a player’s value, but let’s forget that. Thairo Estrada makes you happy with his play and that smile. He and Wilmer Flores are best buds. LaMonte Wade Jr. makes you happy with his play and that smile, too. Dude can work a walk. He’s an unconventional leadoff guy/first baseman and perhaps inelegant in both roles, but gets the job done and gives the Giants something they sorely need. Tyler Rogers? Funky delivery. Has two bad months, usually, but around those are four great months. For a decent amount of last season he was neck and neck with Camilo Doval in terms of effectiveness.

The Giants still might have some work to do this offseason, but all of these players represent a solid base for the roster. Estrada’s elite defense at second base is balanced against league average offensive output, which gets made up for by LaMonte Wade Jr.’s bat. Tyler Rogers gives hitters a different look and makes the bullpen more effective by being unique (and good). They’re a nice mix of players and when you can’t have a lineup of All-Stars that variety is how a team can stay competitive.