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Sunday BP: One week more

The regular season is coming to a close. What are you looking forward to in this last week?

Photo by Loren Elliott/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans.

We are reaching the final week of the regular season. Unless there’s some kind of earth shattering miracle, it will be the last San Francisco Giants baseball we’ll get to watch until spring. Usually, that makes me sad. This year, I think it will be a bit of a relief.

I think I’m probably taking this season a little harder than I normally would. In my defense, I only cover one game a week and they have a very strong habit of losing those games in a very boring fashion, so I hope I can be forgiven. This hasn’t been a terrible season. Just terribly mediocre and a bit disappointing.

But there’s only a week left. Just two series to go, and at least they will be at home. The San Diego Padres come to town tomorrow, and then more of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Just what no one asked for.

And then I’m free.

I mean...and then we will be very sad and be counting the days until spring training.

In this final week, I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more from guys like Tyler Fitzgerald, Marco Luciano and Heliot Ramos. I’m also ready to cry my eyes out when we say goodbye to Brandon Crawford next weekend. There’s also the Willie Mac Award ceremony on Friday night.

What are you all looking forward to over this last week?

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants wrap up this four-game series against the Dodgers tonight at 4:10 p.m. PT. It’s going to be on ESPN, thus the start time, so prepare yourselves for Shadow Talk.