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Thursday BP: Wild Card update

A look at where the Giants stand.

J.D. Davis high-fiving teammates in the dugout Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, San Francisco Giants fans.

After a thrilling and dramatic extra-innings victory over the Cleveland Guardians on Wednesday, the Giants find themselves right where they wanted to be: in the thick of a postseason race. They went 5-1 on their latest home stand, which pushed them right back into the mix.

There was other good news on the scoreboard on Wednesday, as the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, and Arizona Diamondbacks all lost. Unfortunately there was also bad news, as the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins won.

The result is that the Giants now find themselves in a tightly-bunched race, and half a game out of the final Wild Card spot ... while still within reaching distance of the first Wild Card spot, too.

Just look at this madness!

ESPN graphic showing the Phillies leading the NL Wild Card at +3.5 games, the Cubs second at +2, the Reds third, the Diamondbacks fourth and tied, the Giants fifth at 0.5 back, and the Marlins sixth at 0.5 back

The Giants have won the tiebreaker with the Reds. They currently hold the tiebreaker with the Diamondbacks and will secure it by winning one of their final two games against Arizona. They tied the season series with the Marlins, but have a healthy lead in the next tiebreaker, which is intra-division record.

We’re at the point in the season where we’ll be watching the scoreboard every day. So here’s a look at every team’s remaining schedule:

Giants (75-71)

6 home games, 10 road games
4 @ Dodgers
4 @ Rockies
2 @ Diamondbacks
3 vs. Dodgers
3 vs. Padres

Phillies (79-67)

7 home games, 9 road games
3 @ Braves
3 @ Cardinals
3 @ Mets
4 vs. Mets
3 vs. Pirates

Cubs (78-69)

6 home games, 9 road games
3 @ Braves
3 @ Brewers
3 @ Diamondbacks
3 vs. Pirates
3 vs. Rockies

Reds (76-71)

6 home games, 9 road games
3 @ Mets
3 @ Cardinals
2 @ Guardians
1 @ Tigers
3 vs. Twins
3 vs. Pirates

Diamondbacks (76-71)

8 home games, 7 road games
3 @ Yankees
3 @ White Sox
1 @ Mets
3 vs. Astros
3 vs. Cubs
2 vs. Giants

Marlins (75-71)

9 home games, 7 road games
3 @ Mets
3 @ Pirates
1 @ Brewers
3 vs. Braves
3 vs. Brewers
3 vs. Mets

Buckle up, folks!

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants kick off a 10-game road trip and a four-game Coors Field series with a game against the Colorado Rockies at 5:40 p.m. PT.