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Thursday BP: Happy Birthday Luke Jackson!

Jackson will get to celebrate his birthday weekend with his current and former teammates, as the Atlanta Braves come to town for a second series in a little over a week.

Photo by Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

It’s another Thursday off-day in August as the San Francisco Giants head back to Oracle Park to take on the Atlanta Braves again this weekend.

Which means birthday boy Luke Jackson will get to celebrate his birthday weekend with his former teammates in town. Jackson played with the Braves from 2017-2021, culminating in a stellar performance in their 2021 World Series win (along with current teammate Joc Pederson), before a UCL tear ended his 2022 season before it could begin.

Jackson recently spoke out about his fondness for his former team and fanbase, saying that while he appreciates Giants fans, there’s nothing like Atlanta fans rooting for their hometown teams. And, well, that’s maybe not the kindest thing to say about your current team’s fans, it’s kind of understandable that he has fond memories of the Atlanta fanbase, given the success he found there.

He’s had personal success in his time in San Francisco, of course, with a 2.14 ERA, 2.84 FIP with 29 strikeouts in 21 innings over 21 games and finds himself a core piece of the 2023 bullpen. But the Giants aren’t exactly World Series-bound at this point, so I get the distinction of experiences.

So no hard feelings, and we wish Luke a happy birthday! (And also success against his former team this weekend.)

What time do the Giants play today?

They do not, they will take on the Braves again starting tomorrow at Oracle Park.