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Reports: Giants set to enter the Kyleverse on Tuesday

Their #1 overall prospect will make his major league debut on Tuesday... per sources.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by David Durochik/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants wouldn’t confirm a report earlier this morning from Robert Murray of Fansided that on Tuesday in Philadelphia they’d be calling up and starting LHP Kyle Harrison.

Thankfully, we have our former minor league guru Roger Munter to chip in:

And as I was writing this, Evan Webeck of the Merc added

But nobody was going to dispute Roger’s reporting, right?

So now it’s one of those open secrets, probably because the Giants’ 40-man roster is full and someone will have to be designated for assignment/released to fit him on it. Gabe Kapler probably didn’t want to open that can of worms just hours before his team has to un out there and pretend as though they can compete against a superior force.

Harrison represents another triumph of the team’s player development pipeline. He will be the team’s seventh rookie debut of the season. They have this confidence in him because he’s been their #1 overall prospect — according to the industry — for quite a while now because dude strikes guys out. This year: 109 in 67.2 IP.

He has a low slot release so there’d be something poetic about him replacing Alex Wood on the roster this year — but there’s no reason to get ahead of ourselves here. I’m sure there’s a much more obvious spot on the roster he could upgrade.

Don’t expect him to pitch too much when he debuts. He’s pitched more than 4 innings just twice this season. I’m sure the Giants have heaps of data showing that pitch counts and innings have x effect on a players’ longevity, but it suggests that for all of the razzle dazzle of a #1 prospect, the Giants are probably just calling up another effective bulk guy in the Sean Manaea mold, which is fine because Manaea has been good. The Giants are at the right point in their desperation competitive cycle that this makes perfect sense and can really only help the team the rest of the way.

Yes, his 6.6 BB/9 in Triple-A is concerning — though, in his last two appearances (3.1 IP and 4 IP) he’s allowed 0 while striking out 11 — but, I have decided that it’s simply not as dire as it seems. There’s an automatic strike zone in Triple-A and some thought that the laser-guided zone might be too strict or too small, leading to more walks. We’ll find out on Tuesday, I guess, though giving up a ton of walks to the Phillies in their major league debut is to be expected.

In the meantime, even though we can’t really say it because it’s supposed to be a secret, congratulations to Kyle Harrison for pitching so well this season that his callup was a fait accompli. There are no guarantees in life or in Baseball but he made this a certainty. I really can’t wait to see that slider.