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Weekend BP: Giants to celebrate 1993 team before Saturday’s game

Grab your Barry Bonds jersey, flannel button up, and choker necklaces, Oracle Park is taking a trip to the ‘90s this weekend.

Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Calling all nostalgia lovers. Well, the San Francisco Giants are, anyway. Saturday night is ‘90s night at Oracle Park. The 1990s are somehow trendy, which is maybe a bit confusing for a lot of people that lived through them the first time. But I guess I can understand wanting to live in a time of relative economic prosperity, before there was a once in a lifetime news event happening every other day and the earth was still a hospitable temperature.

That isn’t what the Giants are celebrating tonight, though. They will be having a reunion of sorts with the 1993 team that won 103 games and lost the West Division by one game to the (/checks notes) Atlanta Braves, somehow. Ah yes, that great west coast city of Atlanta.

Anyway, it will be a bit of a sparsely attended ceremony by the players; per the Giants a lot of those players are currently on other MLB staffs. But Barry Bonds will be there, which is fitting, as the 1993 MVP.

So if you’re heading to the park tonight, dust off those jelly shoes, butterfly clips and flannel shirts because we’re going back to the ‘90s. (/shudders)

What time do the Giants play this weekend?

The Giants play game two of this three-game series against the Texas Rangers tonight at 6:05 p.m. PT and wrap it up tomorrow at 1:05 p.m. PT.