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Friday BP: For whom the boos toll

Former Giants All Star Carlos Rodón is having a rough start to his season. Rodón famously once said Giants fans didn’t care as much as Yankees fans because they would never boo. I don’t know if that’s turned out to be as much of a draw as he thought it was.

Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

I’m not really one for schadenfreude (unless the Dodgers are involved) but sometimes you do have to sit back and take a long sip of tea when you read the news. Former San Francisco Giants All Star ace Carlos Rodón is finding out how it feels to eat your words. Or at least maybe regret the phrasing a little, anyway.

Myself, and most Giants fans I know, were not too upset when Rodón chose the New York Yankees in free agency after last season. It was by far the least painful free agency choice of the offseason where the Giants and New York teams were concerned.

However, Rodón decided to take a parting shot at the fanbase he was leaving behind, perhaps in an attempt to endear himself to the one he was joining, in a way that seems like maybe not the best choice of words in hindsight.

In an interview with Bob Klapsich of Rodón implied that Yankees fans care more than Giants fans, saying “Giants fans are invested, but not like in New York. Win or lose, you’re not going to get booed in San Francisco.”

First, that is plainly not true. Just ask Santiago Casilla. Second, though, Rodón said that like it was a good thing, because it means the fans care. Unfortunately for him, he’s now finding out what that looks like in practice.

The last place Yankees are not having a good time, neither are their fans. Rodón missed a large chunk of the beginning of the season due to lingering back and arm issues, and has struggled in his first three starts. In 14.2 innings, he’s racked up 12 earned runs, allowed four home runs, and sits at a 7.36 ERA and 7.18 FIP.

Small sample size, sure. But we’ve seen a similarly poor start to the season end the career of another former Giants ace this year, Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner, of course, was towards the end, not the beginning, of a large multi-year contract. But it shows how short the leash can be.

It also shows how short the fuse on fans’ patience can be, as Yankees fans are already booing Rodón. After his most recent start against the Los Angeles Angels, in Anaheim, Yankees fans in attendance booed Rodón, who indulged them by blowing a kiss in return. Now while we naturally hope that Rodón bounces back, and we wish him well, one can’t help but take another sip of tea as he learns first hand that maybe the New York grass wasn’t that much greener than that of the Bay area after all

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants kick off a three-game series against the Washington Nationals tonight in the nation’s capital at 4:05 p.m. PT.