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Which Giants All-Star wore it best?

Did Camilo Doval or Alex Cobb show off some style yesterday or did Rob Manfred win and erase all individuality?

93rd MLB All-Star Game presented by Mastercard Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

With Alex Cobb’s declaration that he’s landed Shohei Ohtani for the San Francisco Giants and Camilo Doval getting the win in last night’s All-Star Game, the only part left to explore is which one of the Giants’ All-Star duo pulled off their respective fit.

There wasn’t much time for Doval and Cobb’s aesthetic choices, though, because if you’ve been keeping up with the news then you’ll recall that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred doesn’t like games featuring a variety of uniforms. From last year:

This gives the league another jersey variant to sell, too, which might have more to do with Manfred’s preference than anything else. What we wound up getting was this:

Alex Cobb on the left side of the screen, Camilo Doval on the right side of the screen and smiling, both men running on a baseball field, dressed in the NL All Star uniform, which looks exactly the same on both of them. San Francisco Giants via Twitter (

I love that they’re basically posed the same, even, to really show off the sometimes Ken doll nature of professional athletes.

Even during the regular season, they wear their Giants uniforms differently:

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Kavin Mistry/Getty Images
San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images

But who wore their National League uniform best: Doval or Cobb? Keep in mind that I’m not a fashionista. This is just some dumb blogger’s opinion. First, let me thank USA Today’s Joe Nicholson for trying to duplicate the framing for both of them in action:

MLB: All Star Game-National League at American League Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
MLB: All Star Game-National League at American League Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In the picture where they’re side by side, I’d give Doval the edge because of the accenting chain, his smile, the tatts, and the black shoes to go with black pants. Cobb’s got a solid smile there and his posture puffs out his chest to the point that it really fills the jersey, but those basic running shoes really sour the whole getup.

In these Joe Nicholson photos, though, it’s Cobb by a mile. The button nose, the apple cheeks — he’s the best baby baseball pitcher. How can this be? Well, I suppose it starts with my position on the uniform itself. I think they’re ugly in a “trying to be cool” sort of way, and I think Cobb’s dorky white shoes accenting what look like pants you’d see an usher wear really pop. Doval is trying to coordinate his coolness with an uncool person’s idea of cool.

That uncool person, by the way, is Rob Manfred. Putting it that way, I think “Cobb wore it best” makes sense: Alex Cobb wore Rob Manfred’s uniform best. If that were the headline, you’d agree. So just agree with me now.

But since I like both players — and, presumably, so do you, since they’re both Good Giants — I’m going to say that we’re tied, 1-1. Doval one the warmup version of the All-Star Game uniform and Cobb won the game version. So, as a tiebreaker, let’s go to the red carpet.

If you’re a real baseball junky, you can go back and watched the full red carpet here on YouTube:

A lot of the players look really, truly good. Very stylish. What I like about Cobb and Doval is that they look like they’re dressed to walk the red carpet as fast as they can so they can go play some baseball.

I’m not sure there’s a better way to communicate the “Tranquilo Camilo” nickname than with a black cowboy hat. He looks cool, calm, and collected here. The thick chain pairs with the suit very nicely, but at the end of the day he’s just wearing a black t-shirt underneath. I also think having a cell phone case with a knobbed back is a teenager thing. Doval is 26, so, I’m dinging him for some arrested development.

Also, no socks! Those moccasins are gonna STINK later on. I get the impulse to not wear socks — it gets the shoes on faster! — but there are just too many issues with not wearing them. You lose a layer of protection, not all shoes have comfortable interiors. The sweating leads to some genuine stank no matter what you spray before and after wearing. Still, celebrities love not wearing socks. If you don’t think Camilo Doval is a celebrity, well, that’s on you.

Meanwhile, Alex Cobb whipped up this solid day trader look and I respect it.

Wallet bulge in the front pocket also good from this old man’s perspective. Not only has he made it more difficult for pickpockets, he’s saved his back and lowered his risk of sciatica! For a player with an extensive injury history, that’s just solid thinking.

At the end of the day, though, Camilo’s freestyle urban cowboy look blows 102 mph past Alex Cobb’s “wealthy guy who doesn’t want to come off as stuffy and boring,” which gives him the overall edge, 2 looks to 1.