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Wednesday BP: Rain possibly in forecast for Giants home opener

The San Francisco Giants have their home opener on Friday. There’s a possibility it could be a rainy one.

Photo by Jane Tyska/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Californians have become a little too well acquainted with rain this year. Every week (or even worse, weekend) seems to bring a new storm or atmospheric river or tornado or, or, or. But with the hope of spring in the air and the sight of baseball on the television, one could hardly be blamed for hoping the weather would soon start to reflect the calendar.

This San Francisco Giants season has already been impacted by weather concerns, at least in terms of scheduling. They’ve had two odd off days mid-series and will have a long stretch of only day games to accommodate any potential early spring weather delays.

Which is a good thing because rain is currently in the forecast for San Francisco this weekend, according to the Weather Channel. As of today, they have a 52% chance of rain on Friday, 46% chance of rain Saturday morning, and a 59% chance of rain on Sunday.

The Giants, of course, have their home opener series this weekend against the Kansas City Royals. So if you’re planning to head to the ballpark, make sure you’re ready for some rain.