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Monday BP: Sean Hjelle is a cool dude

The latest video from the Giants content team confirms that.

Sean Hjelle posing in his throwing motion on picture day Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans. The season starts in 24 days. How wild is that?

The Giants content team released a new video over the weekend, and I have to say, it’s my favorite thing they’ve made: it’s a video of a few of the team’s players enjoying a night out at Topgolf. Just 6:37 seconds of Brandon Crawford, Michael Conforto, J.D. Davis, Luis González, Logan Webb, and Sean Hjelle swinging clubs, swigging beers, and swiping nachos.

Maybe I’m biased as someone who quickly abandoned the pandemic idea of writing the next great American novel in favor of trying to be really bad at golf, but this video is all kinds of fun and you should watch it.

But the star of the show is Hjelle. We don’t always get to see the personality of baseball players, especially ones like Hjelle, who haven’t spent many days on the Major League roster.

This video, however, is basically just Hjelle. He’s providing commentary for every swing and every moment.

And I have to say ... I love this kid. He is so amusing.

Dressed in a backwards cap, some fresh Nike kicks, and a shirt that accurately proclaims “beer is good,” Hjelle — who appears to be an avid golfer and has a gorgeous swing — drops gems all throughout the video. He makes fun of his teammates’ swings. He quotes Napoleon Dynamite. He wisely notes that, “I think J.D. has the worst score, but he’s having the most fun, so you know, can I really say he’s the worst?” He folds his 6-foot-11 frame (or 8-foot, as Crawford calls him) in a 90-degree angle to try and use a wedge, only to have someone point out that he’s using women’s clubs. He gives numerous golf claps.

I wanna be this guy’s friend.