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Wednesday BP: Farhan Zaidi likely to return for 2024 season and possibly beyond

Giants’ chairman Greg Johnson says the ownership group plans on either exercising the team’s option for the 2024 season, or working out an extension.

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Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

President of baseball operations for the San Francisco Giants, Farhan Zaidi, signed a five year contract prior to the 2019 season. And though for me it still feels like 2019 was just last year, this season will be the last year of that contract.

The Giants ownership group would therefore have two options to keep Zaidi in place beyond that. The team has an option for the 2024 season, or they could work out an extension; either prior to 2024 or afterwards.

After a mediocre 2022 season made less palatable by the Icarus tale that was the success of the 2021 team, there was speculation that the lack of public facing discussion about Zaidi’s future with the organization must mean that it was uncertain.

However, Giants chairman Greg Johnson, son of principle owner Charles Johnson, decided to clear the air, at least with regards to the 2024 team option. In an interview with Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic, Johnson made it clear that it is the ownership group’s intention to exercise the 2024 option and possibly extend him beyond for future seasons, with Johnson saying:

“In fairness to Farhan, our policy is not to talk about contracts until things are done. But I can tell you that he is 100 percent here through the end of next season. We do have an option. If we don’t extend him in the near (future) on a longer-term basis, which is what we plan to do, at the very least he’d be here through the end of (2024).”

Of course, nothing is guaranteed until it actually happens, but it seems like a fairly safe bet that we’ll be seeing Zaidi in his position for at least another year.