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Thursday BP: New to McCovey Chronicles? Introduce yourself!

Calling all McC rookies, come say hello!

Set Number: X162901 TK1

Good morning, baseball fans!

With the San Francisco Giants opening the 2023 season a week from today against the New York Yankees, we here at McCovey Chronicles thought now would be a good time to call up the rookies of the community, or even those veterans who’ve chosen to lurk, to introduce themselves to the community!

My name is Sami, I’m a contributing writer for the site. I started my writing career covering recaps of the Golden State Warriors before Grant Brisbee recruited me to the staff here in 2016. I was the deputy editor of the site for the 2018-2019 seasons, and returned in 2021. But I joined the McCovey Chronicles community back in 2015, the day after Chris Heston’s no-hitter, after having read the site for a few years. You’ll see me writing morning BP posts, game threads and a weekly recap throughout the season.

What are those posts, you might ask? Well BP stands for blogging practice (like batting practice) and it’s our daily morning post that also serves as the daily thread where people can chat about whatever they want. Gamethreads are posts that go up shortly before game time, in which people can live post about the game. And recaps are kind of self-explanatory, they go up an hour or so after the final out of each game.

So whether you’re new to the site, a longtime lurker, or maybe coming back after being away, welcome! We’re looking forward to a (hopefully) fun season of Giants baseball with you. Make sure to say hello down in the comments!