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Tuesday BP: Single digits

It’s almost game time.

Joc Pederson holding his helmet and smiling Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Hello and happy Tuesday, San Francisco Giants fans.

Today’s BP doesn’t have any breaking news. There’s no info that you didn’t already know. There’s no funny video for you to watch, tweet to laugh at, or anecdote for you to roll your eyes at.

It’s just an article to let you know that the Giants start the season in nine days. We’re officially in the single digits. Nine days ago was March 12. That was just yesterday, right? Nine days from now will be March 30. It’s that soon.

That’s when the Giants kick things off by visiting Arson Judge’s twin brother Aaron, the sadly broken/injured Carlos Rodón, Brandon Crawford’s Cy Young candidate brother-in-law, and the rest of the New York Yankees.

March 30. 10:05 a.m. PT. Breakfast baseball. MLB Network. NBC Sports Bay Area. Gerrit Cole vs. Logan Webb.

And yes, the Giants have that supremely annoying thing this year, where they play one game and then have an immediate off day, as though to tease you with the return of baseball before ripping it away from you. But we’re not here to talk about March 31, which is in 10 days. We’re here to talk about March 30.

Which is in nine days.

Nine glorious days until we see Crawford’s luscious locks flying in the wind as he shuffles to his left and throws to first (if he’s healthy).

Nine glorious days until we see the hometown kid Mitch Haniger finally don a Giants jersey (if he’s healthy).

Nine glorious days until we see Austin Slater smiling in the dugout with that first day of school glow (if he’s healthy).

And also nine glorious days until we see the other dudes who are healthy, I really didn’t need to make this happy article such a downer.

Giants baseball. Single digits. Kruk and Kuip. Dave and Jon. Beer. Sun. Gum. Seeds.