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Monday BP: More Giants videos

Get ready for Giants baseball!

Kyle Harrison throwing a pitch Photo by David Durochik/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans. This is the last week without Giants baseball until October at the minimum, and hopefully November. Enjoy the peace and quiet before the much more enjoyable storm that is a full season of beautiful, beautiful baseball.

To get you ready for it, I thought I’d round up the latest content from the Giants video team, which you all know I’m a big fan of. They’ve been making Farhan Zaidi proud lately with how much they’re able to churn out, and I’m enjoying watching it all.

First up is something pretty awesome, that I’m sure a lot of fanbases don’t get the pleasure of having. It’s just a long one-on-one interview from Amy G with Giants prospect Kyle Harrison.

In addition to being the top-rated Giant in our Community Prospect List, Harrison is the top pitching prospect in the organization by a mile, arguably the top left-handed pitching prospect in all of baseball, and a local kid who is primed for an MLB debut this year. It’s pretty cool getting such a personal and in-depth video with him.

Next we have an installment in one of my absolute favorite series that the Giants do: How to Train Like a Big Leaguer. The latest episode stars infielder Thairo Estrada, and it’s so cool seeing the drills he does and the little drops of knowledge that coach Kai Correa peppers in.

And finally, it’s the return of Night Kap, the popular segment the Giants started last year in which Amy G and manager Gabe Kapler discuss any number of things over a glass of Laphroaig. What’s not to like?

Enjoy the videos, Giants fans. And enjoy the Monday. Baseball is 10 days away.