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Monday BP: Giants video catch up

Let’s watch some YouTubes, kids.

Gabe Kapler smiling Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans. We’re only 17 days away from Opening Day! Everyone getting properly excited yet?

I often use this space to highlight fun videos from the Giants content team, but I’ve been slacking lately. So let’s get you caught up on a few of them. The Giants have two new videos in their Catchin’ Up series, in which they play catch with a Giant while asking them questions.

I’m a big fan of these videos because catch is baseball. Sure, home runs are awesome. And an expertly-executed Brandon Crawford double play sure is something. And a slider that darts out of the zone like a person in the fast lane realizing they need to catch the exit that’s in 250 feet boggles the brain.

But when I think of baseball I think of standing outside in the sun, playing catch.

So it’s a fun series.

First up we have an episode with Camilo Doval, who is currently away from the Giants as he handles high-pressure relief situations for a stacked Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic. It would not be at all surprising if Doval joins Crawford as Giants with WBC gold medals.

He’s also just a cool and sweet dude with some killer dance moves. And when asked if he prefers a car or a horse, he answered, “Mainly a horse, because I love horses.” I am happy this dude is on the team I root for.

Next up we have one of the Giants offseason additions, starting pitcher Ross Stripling, who offers up texting etiquette, gives advice on investing, and talks about that famous/infamous debut game against the Giants which was, shockingly, eight years ago. A very likable guy.

And then we have a staple of sports videos: some Mic’d Up content. This one features Will Wilson, an exciting middle infield prospect who figures to start the season in AAA and could make his MLB debut this year. He seems like a sweet fella.

And finally, here’s a clip from the Giants spring Training Game against the Las Vegas Oakland A’s on Sunday. It’s Giants 2019 15th-round pick Carter Aldrete playing first base for the Giants, next to Giants 1983 7th-round pick Mike Aldrete, the A’s first base coach and Carter’s uncle.

Pretty cool stuff.

Have a good Monday, folks.