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Friday BP: Carlos Rodón to miss opening series against Giants

Rodón will have a late start to the season due to a mild forearm strain.

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

The San Francisco Giants kick off the 2023 regular season at the end of this month. It was already set to be a bit of an awkward moment, with the first series being played against the New York Yankees in the Bronx, after losing out on two major free agents that ended up signing with the Yankees.

The first, of course, was Aaron Judge, who kind of used the Giants’ interest to get what he wanted from the Yankees. More power to him. The second would be Carlos Rodón, who was with the Giants for the 2022 season.

Unfortunately, the reunion with Rodón is not to be. Per Yankees GM Brian Cashman, Rodón has a mild forearm strain, so he will not be throwing for 7-10 days. Which means his start to the season will be delayed and he will not be pitching in the opening series against the Giants.

That’s a bummer. Despite his mildly annoying commentary about Giants fans a few weeks ago, Rodón was well liked and appreciated in his time with the Giants and it would have been fun to see him pitch against them. Hopefully he makes a full and speedy recovery.