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Wednesday BP: Giants to lower the cost of beers at Oracle Park for 2023 season

In what Larry Baer describes as a nod to fans, the price of beer will be dropping at Oracle Park this season. Not all beers, but some at least.

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Spring training games began this weekend, and boy has it been nice to sit back and listen San Francisco Giants baseball on the radio once again. And there were definitely some memorable moments: the dingers, the new rules, that amazing play by Casey Schmitt at third base on Saturday.

Therefore it was a little surprising that when I was approached at work on Monday about the Giants, it was a coworker wanting to talk to me about how the ballpark is lowering the cost of beers.

I guess that’s the news that the people want. And I get it. I’ve watched this team in good times and bad, and sometimes all it takes to turn a bad game into a great night is a couple of drinks (if you partake).

So I guess we should probably cover that. Over the weekend, Larry Baer took to KNBR to announce that some beer prices would be dropping to as low as $9 for the 2023 season.

As I predicted to my coworker, it will not apply to good beer (your tastes may vary). It will only apply to domestic drafts at Doggie Diner locations and at the 415 Club.

But still, it’s a bit of a nod to fans who have endured a bit of a tumultuous off-season, and Baer credits KNBR’s Brian Murphy with the suggestion, noting that Murphy brought it up while the two were golfing, saying:

“Murph is like ‘Ya know, we gotta do something about the beer prices and ya know, we gotta get it done for next year.’ And I said, ‘You’re right, we need to do something,’ Now it’s not going to be every single beer, but we’ve really got to figure out a way to get beers into single digit territory. So that went on the shopping list for the offseason.”

So, if you’re into the domestic drafts, enjoy the cheaper beer prices at Oracle Park this season!