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Submit your questions for the last McCovey Chroncast ever!!

The end is here. Ask us anything you want!

A TV with no signal on the screen. Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This month marks the end of the McCovey Chronicles podcast, the McCovey Chroncast. Long time listeners know that this is technically the second cancellation of the show, but in true American fashion, Doug and I managed to do a one-season revival, but not in a Will & Grace or X-Files kind of way where the networks were desperate for relevance, but because we are addicted to the San Francisco Giants.

But so are you, I’d imagine. That’s why you’ve listened to our shaggy show since it debuted in 2015 (not linking that episode because I remember at the time that it was rough and don’t want to suggest any of you go back and revisit). I genuinely appreciated the comments on this post from December soliciting your feedback about what we could do to improve the show in the coming season (RIP). We’ve been grateful for the audience we’ve had and especially those times when you’ve reached out to us with your questions. Here’s your last chance to ask us your burning questions about the Giants, baseball in general, and us.

We’ll be recording the final final McCovey Chroncast episode next week, and we’d love to include our listeners in the episode itself. Want to know where we get off saying the things we say? Want to know what we think about the Giants’ team defense heading into 2023? Or what other podcast one of us might be producing and promoting these days, unrelated to the Giants but just as addicted to? If it gets too personal, maybe we’ll just say “Pass,” but shooters shoot, so, if you want to know, just ask.

We’re on all major podcast platforms for both iOS and Android. Just search McCovey Chronicles wherever you listen. Be sure to add or follow us, so you don’t miss our show; and if you’re so inclined, rate us five stars or thumbs up. We’d really appreciate it! If you’d rather send us your questions directly, you can @ or DM the show account on Twitter (@McChroncast) or @ me on Twitter (@Every6thDay).