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Tuesday BP: Spring Training notes

Things are humming right along!

Blake Sabol holding a bat on his shoulder.
I know you’re wondering who this is, but I won’t tell you (psst, it’s Blake Sabol)
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, San Francisco Giants fans. And more importantly, happy final day of the final month without regular season San Francisco Giants baseball until November. What a thing.

The Giants are absent of any big news, but full of lots of little news. So let’s hit on some nuggets from Spring Training so far.

We’re only three games into the spring, but Rule 5 acquisition Blake Sabol is already standing out in a big way. He’s hitting 3-5 with a home run and two doubles. If you were to draw up a script for how Sabol could force his way on the roster despite the Giants seemingly only having one position — backup catcher — open, and Sabol reportedly being greener than a ripe scallion (not to be confused with a rapscallion) at the position, it looks an awful lot like this. Just in, you know, a larger sample.

The Giants fourth game of spring is today at 12:05 p.m. PT against the San Diego $300 million contractors, and some exciting names are set to play. Left-handed prospect Kyle Harrison, the top pitching prospect in the organization (and, by many accounts, the top left-handed pitching prospect in baseball) is set to make his spring debut. On top of that, the game will feature both of the Rogers twins. Get used to it, folks!

But, as I’m fond of saying ‘round these parts, some things are bigger than baseball. And with that in mind, join me in congratulating Wilmer Flores and his wife on the birth of their child.

Wilmer Flores’ father is named Wilmer Flores. Wilmer Flores’ brother who is also a professional baseball player is named Wilmer Flores. Wilmer Flores’ brother who isn’t a professional baseball player is named Wilmer Flores.

I will Venmo you $0 if you can correctly guess what Wilmer Flores named his son.