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Here is a cool picture of Kyle Harrison

The Giants’ top prospect will make his Spring Training debut this Wednesday.

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On my way to putting together a prediction piece about which San Francisco Giants have the best chance to be a 20-20 guy in 2023, I discovered that I’ve yet to re-up all the various subscriptions that make my slapdash baseball analysis possible, so this won’t be any kind of post that makes you think.

Instead, look at this cool picture of Kyle Harrison I saw in the photo tool:

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I’m old enough for this image to call to mind:

This is a reference to a TV show I’ve NEVER seen: Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Just something that used to be in the ether 30+ years ago when you’d be channel surfing or when there’d be clip packages put together (of Hitchcock, of black and white TV or anthologies); and, of course, there’s nothing that connects Harrison with this show. Although, maybe Kyle Harrison likes tense melodramas which sometimes contain a puzzle to be solved. I don’t know. It’s certainly not a mystery as to when he’ll appear in game action this spring:

I’m marking mine, even though Harrison won’t be on the Opening Day roster. It’s not often the Giants’ top prospect is also one of the best prospects in the game, so it’ll be worth finding time to catch him even if it’s just for an inning. And if Alex Pavlovic’s tweet is correct:

Then we’ll likely see Harrison face the back of the Diamondbacks’ spring roster. I want to see an immaculate inning.

There’s no reason to overhype the kid, but I am compelled to mention that my fandom detects faint 2010 roster vibes with this 2023 team. The lineup doesn’t seem like it has the potential to do very much — I have written off Conforto and Haniger as injury losses and expect negative regression from all returnees — but that pitching staff from top to bottom looks like a strength. Something that can keep them in every game. Which is why 2021 was so spectacular. They kept it close for a lot of late game heroics.

Harrison would figure to be a part of that formula. I mean, look, if you want to get right down to it: Webb = Cain, Cobb ~ Lincecum, Manaea = Zito, Wood = Sanchez... Harrison = Bumgarner? That leaves Stripling and Junis “fighting” for the Todd Wellemeyer spot in this comparison, but I think we all know that Stripling and Junis are far better than Wellemeyer, which means that, at least on paper, the Giants are in a better situation in 2023 than 2010 (though, I won’t argue that Webb, Cobb, and Harrison are better than 2010 Cain, Lincecum, and Bumgarner — just interesting comps).

Look, just don’t start talking like this is supposed to happen. I do not want Kyle Harrison catching wind of these expectations. We know the Giants don’t have any such delusions about being a playoff team (there’s less than zero chance that their internal projections deviate much from what’s publicly available) and so we can assume they don’t really have any expectations of him beyond improving as the season goes on. That will be plenty of fun on its own. At least as cool to see as that picture.