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Wednesday BP: Carlos Rodón had a parting shot for Giants fans

Somehow not-booing makes you a bad fan. Who’d have thought?

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the long weekend. Unlike Carlos Rodón, who opted to get salty in an interview with Bob Klapish of NJ.Com. The former San Francisco Giants All Star lefty decided to take a pot shot at Giants fans, because apparently he thought they hadn’t been through enough this offseason.

In discussing the difference between his most recent team and his current team, the New York Yankees, he decided this was a thing he needed to say:

“The fans here want to win. They care. They care a lot... Giants fans are invested, but not like in New York. Win or lose, you’re not going to get booed in San Francisco.”

I have three points of contention here. First, it’s soundly untrue. Just ask 2016 Santiago Casilla. Second, how are you going to make fans not booing players out to be a bad thing? Like, make the logic make sense. Third, my dude, you played for the Chicago White Sox for seven seasons, surely when looking for less than rabid fanbases, that would have provided you with plenty more material.

I get that he’s trying to ingratiate himself to a new team and fanbase, but I don’t exactly recall him insulting Chicagoans when he got to San Francisco. It just felt a little unnecessary.