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The McCovey Chroncast Series Finale

Thank you for listening!

Sept. 18, 1977: Giants first baseman Willie McCovey waves to fans as he’s honored at Candlestick Park in 1977. His arm is around his mother Esther’s shoulder. Photo by Stephanie Maze/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

All podcasts must come to an end, so now it’s time to say goodbye to the McCovey Chroncast, the San Francisco Giants podcast for SB Nation. It’s been an honor and a privilege for me, the worst person on this website, to have podded about my favorite baseball team on and off since 2015.

I’m grateful for the literally thousands of people who’ve listened to me and Doug gripe, joke, and occasionally provide insight into the team and its decision-making. I’m thankful for all the support we’ve had over the years, from Roger Munter’s guest appearances, Sami Higgins’ excellent and gone too soon Happy Hour show, Brady and Grant’s backing and willingness to drop in as a guest whenever we asked — indeed, all the special guests we’ve had over the years, from Bryan Srabian, Mike Ferrin, and J. Holtham — and for all the feedback and questions sent to us by our listeners.

In this final podcast, we answer your questions but also talk about all the news from the first day of Spring Training. As discouraging as some of it sounded, Doug and I found plenty to be positive about: position battles, David Villar, things of that nature. We also spotlight the similarities between the Zaidi era and the Sabean era. Who do I think will be the Giants’ key player? Who does Doug have his eyes on? You’ll just have to listen.

Our theme this year was a track called “Rock Me Better” by Lesfm on pixabay. Here’s the xml link to our feed. You can check out the show page right here. We’re also on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. In the event something does happen with our feed, you’ll want to stay subscribed for the most up to date information.