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Weekend BP: Dusty Baker to potentially re-join the Giants

Well wouldn’t that be nice.

Dusty Baker sitting on the Giants bench. Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Happy weekend, San Francisco Giants fans.

We’re still waiting on the organization to make some additional moves in the player department. They’re coming, no doubt, but ... it would be nice if they would go on and happen already.

But in the meantime, we have some higher-up news. It seems that Dusty Baker might be coming home. The source? Dusty Baker.

Baker — who just retired from managing after four years with the Houston Astros — was on 95.7 and mentioned that he’s had discussions with Larry Baer about re-joining the Giants organization, though it’s not clear in what capacity (obviously not as a manager).

Baker specifically mentioned that the Giants have a Minor League affiliate in Sacramento (the AAA River Cats), where Baker lives. A roving role working with young players — which Bruce Bochy had before jumping back into the managerial pool — would make sense.

A baseball lifer, Baker’s career has taken him to many stops: he played for four teams during his 19-year playing career, and spent another 26 seasons managing five clubs. Yet the Giants — a team he managed for 10 seasons and played with for one year — are the team that most people associate with Baker, and this news from him certainly suggests that it’s the organization that he feels the most pull towards.

Baker’s son, Darren — whom Giants fans will remember for being saved at home plate by J.T. Snow — is a second baseman for the Washington Nationals AAA affiliate. Maybe the Giants can find a way to add him, too!