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Friday BP: Predict the next move

If there is a next move.

Matt Chapman throwing a ball. Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Happy Friday, San Francisco Giants fans.

Things have been quiet for the Giants — and all teams — over the last week or so. The rush that was supposed to follow Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s free agency decisions has not happened. Maybe it’s the holidays. Maybe it’s a misread of the market. Whatever it is, things have been quiet.

The Giants, in all likelihood, will make another move or three. But what’s the next one? We know they’re in on Blake Snell. Matt Chapman seems too obvious. They like Shōta Imanaga, though he’s not expected to sign until January. Cody Bellinger’s market seems to be disappearing. Jordan Montgomery, anyone?

What happens next? You tell me! What are you looking at me for? I don’t know anything!

I bet Matt Chapman signs with the Giants today. I’m not sure if that’s the news you were hoping for or not.