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Patrick Bailey out-bonuses Camilo Doval in the pre-arbitration bonus pool payouts

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the second year of the new pre-arbitration bonus pool established in the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement between teams and players. The Associated Press published this full breakdown yesterday, and on it were two San Francisco Giants: Camilo Doval and Patrick Bailey.

An eligible player gets $2.5 million for winning a MVP or Cy Young Award, $1.75 million for second in the voting, $1.5 million for third, $1 million for fourth, fifth or all-MLB first team, $750,000 for Rookie of the Year, $500,000 for second in Rookie of the Year voting or all-MLB second team. A player is eligible to receive a bonus for only one award per year, for the highest amount eligible for. The remaining money is allocated by a WAR formula

Doval was one of two Giants to make it onto the 2023 NL All-Star roster and his year-over-year improvement was staggering:

2022: 67.2 IP, 2.53 ERA (2.98 FIP), 80 K (28%) 32 BB (10.5%), 1.2 fWAR
2023: 67.2 IP, 2.93 ERA (2.77 FIP), 87 K (31%) 32 BB (9.3%), 1.9 fWAR

He was on his way to having one of the all-time great reliever seasons in San Francisco Giants history and basically cementing his status as the greatest closer in team history and then the end of July happened. Gabe Kapler used him on three consecutive days: July 29, July 30, July 31st and he simply wasn’t the same after that (46 IP, 2.35 ERA, 3.44 K/BB prior to; 18.2 IP, 3.86 ERA, 2.86 K/BB after). This came on the heels of pitching in the All-Star Game and on top of starting his season beginning earlier in the year by participating in the World Baseball Classic. He earned a bonus of $291,472 on top of his major league salary of $735,000 and in addition to however much he made as an All-Star Game participant and actor in the now-infamous Cruise promotion:

Meanwhile, Patrick Bailey made his major league debut on May 19 and quickly established himself as one of the crucial pieces of the roster going forward. He wound up being one of the finalists for NL Gold Glove despite playing just 765 innings at the position. Statcast loved most of what he did, but FanGraphs was even more in favor of his work, declaring his defense generated +26.8 Defensive Runs Above average — the best defender in the sport!

He received a bonus of $375,306 in addition to the prorated portion of his $735,000 salary, which (given that he debuted in the Giants’ 44th game, means 119 x $4,537.04) equals $539,907.41. A solid amount of money for the future of the franchise.

Doval will still be pre-arbitration eligible for next year’s bonus pool and Patrick Bailey for the next two. Last year, Logan Webb earned $500,000 in his final year of eligibility.