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Hello all!! I’ve been a SFG fan my entire life, born and raised in Berkeley until my family moved to Maryland. I’ve cheered through thick and thin. Been overjoyed in 2010, 2012, and 2014, devastated in 2002 and 2021, despondent in 2005-2009, 2015-2019 and finally disgusted in the off-season of 2022(I will say my disgust passed into despondency after Correa failed an additional physical with NYM and then completed an entirely mediocre season.)

This offseason has already been a high and low exercise in emotions, and it’s time for the San Francisco Giants to step into their ability to fight the Dodgers payroll for payroll. We have been building our prospect capitol for 5 years, we have cleaned our payroll moving forward, and today is the day to throw it all together. I’m proposing several signings, and a significant trade to elevate us to perennial NL contenders.

First, the trade. The San Francisco Giants complete the second big trade of the off-season with... The Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants trade

  • Marco Luciano
  • Keaton Winn
  • Luis Matos
  • JD Davis
  • Mason Black
  • $15m in cash to help in their salary crunch
  • and unfortunately.. Kyle Harrison
Chicago White Sox trade
  • Dylan Cease
  • Yoan Moncada
  • Luis Robert Jr.
This trade puts us much closer to LAD and ATL.. We would have two legitimate aces now in Webb and Cease, thump and OF defense with Robert and yesterday’s signing of Jung Hoo Lee, and a potential rebound candidate in Moncada. Yes it absolutely costs us. I don’t want to move Harrison, Matos, Black or even JD Davis.. But as others have pointed out in some of my other trade discussions, I undervalued Luis Robert Jr, so for this I have made an adjustment in my players traded away, so they have to be included. It sucks to include them all, especially Harrison, but it’s the cost of doing business. With the trade, the Giants land arguably the two remaining best trade chips left in baseball.. We have several years of control left with Cease and Robert Jr. The cash back to Chicago is to help get the trade across the finish line, and offset some of their negative contracts, specifically Benintendi.

Now, the Continued FA signings and potential contract values..
  • Yoshinobu Yamamoto : 12/360m
  • Cody Bellinger 9/240
  • Matt Chapman 7/150
  • Josh Hader 6/90
First, is Yamamoto.. At this point it’s imperative for the Giants to, in my opinion, do whatever it takes to sign him. Our FO is going to have to fly WAY above reasonable expectations, as the NYY and NYM both are invested heavily in him, and I just happen to think, especially with how far above JH Lee we came in, that it’s going to take a record pitching contract. Yamamoto is worth it. Zaidi has continually extolled the highest levels of praise on him, and so I believe we are going to go all in and it will pay off. With Yamamoto, it unfortunately contributes to my ability to include Harrison in the trade for Cease and Robert Jr, but again it’s part of being in that upper echelon of teams that have a chance to win every year.

Second is Cody Bellinger. I’m not going to hide my feelings about him, in that I don’t REALLY want him on the Giants. I feel this is a contract that could become an albatross sooner rather than later. However.. He is the type of player that I believe our FO is looking for. High contact, lower k rate, great defense, and some potential star and hit power.. Now I don’t think Oracle Park is a great fit for him, power wise, but he has the ability to make plays in our OF, and would stand to benefit from out OF depth for a day off during the week and a stint or two at DH or 1B.. 3-4 years of this/that production and I would be fine with his contract.

Third, is Matt Chapman. Anyone who has a pulse, knows that our management and coaching staff is enamored with him. They are clearly looking for him and all the things that have been written and said, to me, vault him to the top of their wish list. A+ defense, Good power, familiarity with the area and coaches. At this point I would be more surprised if we do not sign him, than if we do.

Fourth, and definitely not last… is Josh Hader. Hader has been the epitome of high leverage bullpen piece and the model of consistency. I also somewhat believe that his signing could be a blessing for Doval. Hader immediately comes in and can lend so much knowledge and experience to Doval that can help him explode into the next realm of elite bullpen piece. Hader has coaching familiarity with Melvin as well, and I’m sure his support. Hader is valued as one of the top 3-5 relievers in baseball, and this gets him that recognition.

The San Francisco Giants lineup becomes deeper, stronger, faster, better on defense, and can match the Dodgers for production.
Potential lineup
  1. JH Lee - CF
  2. Thairo Estrada - SS
  3. Cody Bellinger - RF/DH/1B
  4. Luis Robert - LF
  5. Matt Chapman - 3B
  6. Patrick Bailey - C
  7. Yoan Moncada - 2B/DH
  8. Michael Conforto - DH
  9. LaMonte Wade - 1B
Bench players
  • Wilmer Flores (2B/SS/1B/3B)
  • Mike Yazstremski (DH/OF/1B)
  • Austin Slater (OF)
  • Mitch Haniger (I’d like a sell-low opportunity, maybe to someone like Washington/Pitt/Cinci even, to open a depth spot for an IF player..
  • Brett Wisely C/1B/OF depth
  • Casey Schmitt (3B/SS/2B depth)
  • Heliot Ramos & Joey Bart (again, another player I’d like to sell for almost anything at this point, would like to give him a chance on another team)
    Potential Starting pitching order
  1. Logan Webb
  2. Yoshinobu Yamamoto
  3. Dylan Cease
  4. Anthony DeSclafani
  5. Alex Cobb/Ross Stripling
SP depth - Kai-Wei Teng, Opener strategy,

Relief Pitchers
  • Closing Pitchers Camilo Doval/Josh Hader
  • Luke Jackson
  • Rogers’ Brothers
  • Trevor McDonald
  • Ryan Walker
  • Randy Rodriguez
  • Tristan Beck
This is a team that can go toe to toe with any team in the playoffs, and would be well inline to win 87-95 games. We lose a lot of our best young players, absolutely.. But we are in a war.. and we have to go ALL IN to win now.. I don’t care what our future costs are, either prospect cost or salary CBT implications..

Lets Go Giants.. You got this..

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