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2024 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List introduction and nominees

It’s time to kick it off again!

Close up of Willie McCovey smiling. Photo by PHOTOG NAME/MLB via Getty Images

Perhaps my favorite thing about covering the San Francisco Giants for a living is getting to watch, follow, and write about the organization’s farm system and Minor League Baseball affiliates. That is highlighted by the annual Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List, in which we come together as a group to collectively rank the top prospects in the system.

Lately this project has started to become a little poignant. Last year’s CPL got underway right after the Giants failed to land Aaron Judge; this year it begins in the aftermath of watching Shohei Ohtani sign with the team’s biggest rival.

So this project now serves to try and excite us about the future while the present is disappointing. On the one hand, that’s kind of depressing. On the other hand, it’s half of why we love prospects, right?

We’ll begin today by nominating seven players to populate Wednesday’s first chapter, when we will decide on the top prospect in the organization. Here’s some pertinent information about the CPL as we kick off another year.

  • CPL’s will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I may not follow that strictly, especially with the holidays, but it will be close. Voting will be open until the next CPL.
  • As always, we will begin by voting with polls, which is easier and more inclusive. If the bots take over — as they have the last few years — we will switch to a voting system in the comments.
  • We’ll start with seven nominees to choose from. When we are down to voting on four prospects we will nominate new players, and add them to the next list so we’re back at seven.
  • When it’s nomination day (such as today), use the comments to nominate new players. I’ll leave a top comment that you can respond to with prospect names, and recommend any comment that has a player you think should be added. The four players with the most recs will get added to the next CPL.
  • To honor McCovey, we will rank 44 prospects, which includes all Giants who are still rookie eligible. If there is a tie, the next CPL will be a runoff post, with the loser of the runoff also getting added to the list.
  • If the Giants acquire a prospect during the CPL, through trade or international signing, and it seems as though they belong somewhere that the voting is already past, we’ll do a special post to vote on/debate their placement.
  • Use the comments to stump for players, argue, share knowledge, etc. This is always really fun, because of the energy, passion, and smartness that you all bring to it. The real CPL is the invigorating conversations we have along the way!
  • All players in the organization who still have their prospect status are eligible, even if they’re on the 40-man roster and/or expected to be on the active roster.
  • Players who graduated this season and are no longer eligible: Patrick Bailey, Tristan Beck, Sean Hjelle, Luis Matos, Blake Sabol, Casey Schmitt, Ryan Walker, and Brett Wisely.
  • I know there is always a hot debate on what constitutes a prospect, and many in our lovely community feel strongly that players who have made MLB debuts should not be included on prospect lists. I certainly understand that sentiment, and can’t control who anyone votes for, but I strongly encourage people to vote based on who is included on this list, not on their personal ones, as that will more accurately reflect the purpose of the project.

With all that said, let’s get this show on the road! As always, a huge thanks to Roger, Kevin, and the myriad people who have organized this amazing project in past seasons.

Now head to the comments to nominate your top prospects for Wednesday’s first chapter!

Here is the link to last year’s final CPL ranking.