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Wednesday/Thursday BP: Bochy “overwhelmed” by outpouring of love from former team

The former Giants skipper appeared on KNBR yesterday and discussed an outpouring of love from his former Giants players.

Photo by Tom Fox - Pool/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Yesterday, former San Francisco Giants manager and current reigning World Series winning manager Bruce Bochy appeared on KNBR’s Murph & Mac morning show. During the call, he had a couple of interesting Giants-related things to talk about.

First and fondest, he talked about how Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, and even the elusive Tim Lincecum reached out to congratulate him after he led the Texas Rangers to their first World Series victory last week.

Bochy talked about how getting such an outpouring of love from his former players was overwhelming, noting that it was extra special to hear from Lincecum; who, as hinted at above, is akin to Bigfoot. Rooted in the Pacific North West and only heard about in tall tales and seen in blurry pictures these days.

Bochy also addressed the speculations/concerns about his initial retirement from baseball as well. Many people, (admittedly myself included), have speculated that Bochy’s retirement seemed like it was maybe orchestrated as a graceful way for the organization to part ways with him when he himself might not have been ready to retire.

However, he says it was completely his decision and that he needed the time away physically, noting how he has had multiple much-needed surgeries since then. It wasn’t until he coached France’s World Baseball Classic team that he says he got the urge to make a return to the game. And what a return it was.