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Wednesday/Thursday BP: Giants reportedly prioritizing Shohei Ohtani going into winter meetings

I know, I know. We’ve heard this before.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

We are a little under a week away from the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings, which means the rumor mill is heating up, even if moves aren’t really happening yet.

It’s expected that Shohei Ohtani’s decision will be the shot that starts the offseason moving and shaking. And it’s been reported that he would be unlikely to come to a decision before the winter meetings.

With them rapidly approaching, of course the rumor mill is churning. MLB Network’s Jon Morosi tweeted out that the San Francisco Giants are prioritizing Ohtani or Yoshinobu Yamamoto above all other options.

I understand the cynical urge to throw out the “Sure, Jan” gif and roll your eyes. But I believe that this is an accurate statement about the organization’s goals, even if I don’t believe they are likely to achieve them.

I, for one, will not be getting my hopes up. Too much pain was caused by the Arson Judge of it all last year. But, as always, anything can happen.