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Wednesday/Thursday BP: Brian Sabean and Giants part ways after 30 years

Sabean, who started his major league career with the Yankees, will be heading back to the Bronx for the next chapter of it.

Good morning, baseball fans!

Some sad news, this morning. Brian Sabean has parted ways with the San Francisco Giants after nearly 30 years with the organization. Sabean, who started his career with the New York Yankees, has accepted a position to return to the land of the pinstripes to be the Executive Advisor to general manager Brian Cashman.

Sabean is largely credited as the architect behind the most successful era in franchise history, serving as the General Manager for 18 seasons, during which the team won the World Series not only for the first time in San Francisco history, but added two more on top of that for good measure.

When Farhan Zaidi was brought on to be the president of baseball operations in 2018, Sabean took a step back into the role of Executive Vice President. He says that he had expected to have more involvement in that role than he ultimately ended up having. And thus he let his contract expire last October and reached out to the Yankees himself to arrange for a better opportunity that would be in a location better suited to his family’s needs.

The Giants had nothing but complimentary things to say about Sabean and the era of success that he helped bring about in his time with the organization, releasing the following statement:

“The San Francisco Giants would like to extend its deepest gratitude to Brian Sabean for his enormous contributions to our organization and wish him the best of luck on his new position with the New York Yankees. Brian has been a pillar of our game and a cornerstone of this franchise for 30 years and we are extremely appreciative of his leadership and the legacy he leaves behind.

We truly believe he’s a Hall of Fame worthy executive in every sense of the word and wish him, his wife Amanda, and his entire family nothing but the best in the future. He will always be a Forever Giant.”