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Chroncast #118: Did the Giants have a successful offseason?

Acquisitions, rejections, and apologies! This podcast episode has it all.

Manager Media Availabilities Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

What didn’t happen for the San Francisco Giants this past offseason got the headlines, but the team still managed to make some moves that were a part of their master plan. Do they add up to a much better team than last season? Do the new players recreate the lost players in the aggregate? Do these moves and the way everything shook out help or hinder the team next offseason?

And, what did Bryan and Doug learn from the Correa Imbroglio? A lot! Some of it obvious, some of it not, but tune in for Mea Culpa Corner.

Meanwhile, the pair look back on the Brian Sabean era, which included the most famous seasons of Jeff Kent and Brandon Belt’s careers, both headliners in their own right within the past month. It’s no surprise that Sabean’s time as a consultant didn’t lead to a fruitful collaboration with the new front office group and Bryan pitches a possible reason for that. As for the Hall of Fame voters and their attitude towards Jeff Kent’s candidacy... nobody can begin to understand that. And then Bryan and Doug wonder: was this really the best time to move on from Brandon Belt?

Then, they share some big news about the future of the podcast.

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