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Thursday BP: Happy Birthday Alex Wood!

The Giants lefty turns 32 today, and he’s had a pretty good year.

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

I know things have been gloomy lately. Not just the weather, though we hope you’re all staying as safe and dry as you can. But the San Francisco Giants baseball news hasn’t been a lot of fun either. So we’re going to take a break from the sadness of Brandon Belt leaving, and the weirdness that was the Carlos Correa situation from start to finish.

Because we want to wish Alex Wood a very happy birthday! The lefty, about to enter his third season with the Giants, turns 32 today. It’s been a pretty good year for him, with he and his wife Suzanna having welcomed their first child, a son named Asa, in September.

Look at that kid, already smiling fondly at the SF logo on his mom’s hat. He’s gonna fit right in.

To celebrate, I’ll leave you with this video of Alex Wood highlights from the 2022 season. Happy Birthday, Alex!