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Tuesday BP: Brandon Belt appreciation thread

Good Great Giant.

Brandon Belt wearing a captain’s hat, on a boat on the field Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, San Francisco Giants fans.

Monday hit us with some sad, if not unexpected news: for the first time in his professional life, Brandon Belt is not a Giant. The first baseman signed a one-year, $9.3 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays, where he’ll get to play for a contender in a park that’s a bit kinder to lefties than Oracle is.

The Belt Wars are officially over. The good guys have won. Belt ends his Giants tenure as a two-time champion, an All-Star, and an MVP vote-getter, who is top 10 amongst all Giants in walks drawn, doubles hit, and, yes, home runs.

Deal with it, haters.

I am sad. I’m guessing you are sad. But rather than dwell on that sadness, I want to appreciate a true Giants legend. Let’s fill the comment section with your favorite memories of BB9.

There are a few obvious ones. There is, for instance, the 18th-inning home run in the playoffs.

There’s the 21-pitch at-bat that he worked against Jaime Barria, setting an MLB record for the longest at-bat.

There are the truly impeccable ads — the dude has a career in TV should he want it when he’s done setting his size-15 feet on first base.

There was the whole arrive on a boat and throw out the first pitch while wearing a captain’s hat thing.

And so, so, so much more. Our beloved captain. Our cherished baby giraffe. Our lovely Mr. slumpy shoulders.

Hit 90 home runs next year, Brandon.