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Chroncast #108: Bullpen Trust Power Rankings for August

This month, Bryan and Doug place the bullpen arms into tiers right after they fight back tears talking about the (possible) end of the Brandon Belt era in SF.

Camilo Doval throwing a pitch Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Chroncast returns from the Labor Day Weekend to find the San Francisco Giants having ended their seven-game losing streak with a four-game winning streak, which may or may not have continued heading into the recording of this episode (an hour before first pitch of last night’s Giants-Dodgers game). Bryan and Doug both express their hopes for the rest of the season now that the Giants have demonstrated a version of themselves that had been planned since the offseason.

And then they tackle those gnarly bullpen trust power rankings for the last month, when the Giants bullpen was superficially not terrible (a 3.46 ERA — but how?). This month, though, rather than try to peg the order of trust, they use a three-tier system and assign the bullpenners accordingly. Which Giants reliever would you trust (albeit begrudgingly) with a lead? Which would you not trust with a lead of any kind? And, which reliever would you not trust even if the Giants were trailing by 3+ runs?

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