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Monday BP: Beat LA

The time has come once again.

Joey Gallo diving into home as Austin Wynns applies the tag D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some things that are, unfortunately, true about the San Francisco Giants:

  • They are, barring a miracle of miracles, not going to make the postseason.
  • The are not within 27 games of the NL West division lead.
  • They are not particularly good or particularly competitive.

Yet despite all of those things, here are some other things that are true about the Giants.

  • They are about to play three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • They’re the last three games they’ll play against the Dodgers this year.
  • It would be really fun if they won two or even all three of those games.

I’ll never forget the excitement of the 2021 season, when every game between the Giants and Dodgers was full of tension, because it meant so very much. But with the Giants sitting below .500 while the Dodgers prepare to blow past 100 wins, I find myself reminded as to just how much meaning there always is behind Beat LA.

Yes, it’s extra fun when the teams are jockeying for position, but beating the Dodgers is fun when the Giants are the vastly inferior team, and it’s fun when the Giants are the vastly superior team, though I’m pessimistic that we’ll ever experience that reality again.

Either way, it’s Beat LA time. It’s Beat LA time for the last time until 2023. And if the Giants do, indeed, Beat LA, it will make you smile. Playoffs be damned.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants visit the Dodgers tonight at 7:10 p.m. PT.

Beat LA.