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Chroncast #111: New Owner, New GM, Same Ol’ Brandon Crawford

The Giants have a new owner, the need for a new GM, but also, good ol’ Brandon Crawford.

San Francisco Giants v. Los Angeles Dodgers

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After a 6-1 week that clinched the Sound Sabermetric Principles record of 75 wins, Bryan and Doug discuss what made those wins just so special: Brandon Crawford, defensive wizard. They also get into the slightly bigger news of the week: Buster Posey is a half billionaire and bought into the San Francisco Giants’ ownership group. Their GM also departed for Detroit, which you already knew, but the discussion veers into speculating just what Harris’ departure / arrival means.

And then there’s the news that the Giants’ organizational pitching genius has opted out of COVID vaccine protocols and has been doing his very important job remotely all season. How much of an effect did this have on the farm system and the major league team and just how much of someone’s personal preference is a Major League Baseball team supposed to abide before it creates unintended consequences?

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