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Weekend BP: Barry Bonds wants Aaron Judge to break his record (and sign with the Giants)

As the reigning home run king, Bonds knows a thing or two about chasing legends. And he’d like to watch Judge continue to do so at Oracle Park in 2023 and beyond.

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Aaron Judge is the talk of baseball right now, as well he should be. The New York Yankees outfielder is chasing legends with every swing of the bat and you’d have to be asleep or hate fun to be a baseball fan who isn’t loving and following every minute of that.

Barry Bonds is something of an expert in this topic, as the current home run king (do not @ me with your “well actually” takes on that subject). Bonds is watching along and rooting for Judge, telling Sportico that not only would he love to see Judge break his own record, he’d also like to see him playing for the San Francisco Giants next season and beyond.

Judge will be a hugely sought after free agent, but if the Giants decide to be big spenders this offseason, they could have an edge. By now, most people know that Judge grew up a fan of Barry Bonds and the Giants. Get Bonds, new owner Buster Posey, and a brinks truck backing up to his door, and the Giants might have an actual chance.

Now, would Judge solve all of the Giants’ problems? No. So going after Judge would have to be the start of the list, not the entire list. But I remember some pretty bad seasons of Giants baseball with Barry Bonds on the team when I was growing up and I never once was bored at a game that he played in, regardless of the result. So even if that was the only big move that they made, it would at least help the “butts in seats” problem they’ve got right now.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants play game two of three against the Arizona Diamondbacks today at 5:10 p.m. PT.