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Thursday BP: Buster Posey joins Giants ownership group

The best news Giants fans have gotten since he announced his retirement from playing.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

It’s a rare day around here when I have good (if belated, as always) news for you, but today is that day.

Late Tuesday night, the New York Times posted a scoop of an article announcing that Buster Posey was joining the ownership group of the San Francisco Giants. The Giants later announced the news early Wednesday morning as well:

Posey makes history as the first former player to join the Giants’ ownership organization and becomes the 31st member, as well as becoming the sixth principal partner and sitting on the Board of Directors.

In the piece referenced above, it starts with Posey saying he’s not pro-owner or pro-player, he’s pro-growing the game that he loves. But a conversation with Giants’ Chairman Greg Johnson gives a little bit more of a perspective on where Posey’s coming from:

“We had a very long conversation, and I discussed some of the bigger issues that were coming up before collective bargaining, to get an understanding of his perspective versus my perspective,” Johnson said. “And we had a very good and thoughtful discussion, and at the end of it, he kind of turned to me and said, ‘You know, we just don’t trust you guys.’

While the piece doesn’t indicate when that conversation took place, I like to think it was after the decision was made for Posey to join the group. Because in terms of first impressions in a new role, it’s one for the books.

Many expected Posey would transition into a coaching role once he announced his retirement late last year, but he quickly shut that down, indicating that the travel schedule would keep him away from his family too much, who now reside in Georgia.

However, he was still interested in taking on a more substantial role in the organization for his next chapter. Ownership provided that in a role that was not overly structured and would allow him to make a meaningful impact on the future of the organization at a fairly critical time.

It’s unclear what, specifically, his role will be but knowing that he has a seat at the table is probably the best news to come out of this franchise this entire season. Considering the team snapped their first significant losing streak this season on Buster Posey day at the park, it’s good to know that they will have Posey’s approval/disapproval weighing on them even more so in the future. Because no one wants to be embarrassed in front of Buster Posey.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants wrap up this four-game series against the Colorado Rockies today at 12:10 p.m. PT.