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Tigers hire Scott Harris as PBO

The Giants GM is headed to a new team.

Scott Harris at a press conference listening to Farhan Zaidi speak Photo By Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants have a lot of work to do this offseason, as they look to rebound from a highly disappointing 2022. And while we’ve long thought of the offseason plan as revolving around replacing outfielders, infielders, relievers, and perhaps (but hopefully not) Carlos Rodón, there’s a new position that the Giants now need to replace: General Manager.

News broke on Monday that Giants GM Scott Harris is leaving the team to sign with the Detroit Tigers, where he’ll be named President of Baseball Operations.

The Giants hired Harris in November of 2019, stealing him from the Chicago Cubs, where he was an Assistant GM. While Giants PBO Farhan Zaidi has received the bulk of the credit for the team’s remarkable 2021 season, in which they won a franchise-record 107 games, Harris played a huge role. It’s a sign of how well respected he is in the industry that he’s moved so quickly from Assistant GM to GM to PBO.

Coming to the Giants was a homecoming for Harris, who was born in Redwood City, and went to high school in Atherton. Most people probably expected him to last for more than three seasons, but the Giants surprise success last year, and Harris’ rising reputation in the league meant it didn’t take long for a team to come calling with the highest role in baseball operations.

Harris will certainly have his work cut out for him in Detroit, as he takes over a Tigers team that currently has a 55-91 record. But we obviously wish him the best of luck over there.

As for the Giants, it will be interesting to see what approach they take. When Zaidi first took over in 2018, the team went a full year before hiring a GM. It wouldn’t be shocking if their first offseason move is to replace Harris, but it also wouldn’t be shocking if they don’t make a hiring until well into 2023.

Either way, it’s one more name to replace, and one more former Giant to root for in a different organization.