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Chroncast #110: Go Go Carlos Rodón!

The Giants have a lot of questions to answer this offseason, but when it comes to Carlos Rodón, there’s only one question: will he be Baseball’s Strikeout King?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants
The new spokesperson for
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The San Francisco Giants sure did have a lot of off-field news this past week on their way to clinching their worst record against the Dodgers in a season since moving to San Francisco. Zack Littell v. Gabe Kapler seems like so long ago! The Giants actually won two out of three games to start the week, even. But it’s hard to look at the good when the Dodgers are there to remind you that even when things seem good, they’re not good enough. Does the Wilmer Flores signing mean anything beyond a continuation of a sound process? Nah. Does that mean the sound process is all that’s required for the team going forward? No!

And then there’s the matter of next year’s rule changes and how that could impact a certain up and coming Giant. But is the future only grim? No again! There’s still something really cool to look forward to: Carlos Rodón and the MLB strikeout leader. Think he can do it?

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