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Wednesday BP: Zaidi would like to see Pederson and Rodón back in 2023

An extension could happen with Pederson before the end of the season, but Rodón would have to make a decision to opt out before his market can play out.

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Yes, yes, I’m aware that there are still a few more weeks of 2022 baseball to play. But with the playoff hopes of the San Francisco Giants long gone, it’s only fair to start thinking about the 2023 season that could be.

Part of that is looking at what worked well this year, and that includes their two All Stars, Carlos Rodón and Joc Pederson. Pederson is on a one-year deal and would be a free agent once again after the season. Rodón has an opt-out option that he is almost assuredly going to utilize in order to hit the free agent market this winter, after the incredible bouceback season he has been having thus far.

Per a piece from Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area, Farhan Zaidi recently said that an extension for Pederson is possible within the next few weeks. He also said that the Giants would really like to see Rodón return as well, but they are aware of the reality of the situation, but said that they would love to see him back.

I remain skeptical, after the Giants had Kevin Gausman in nearly the same situation last year and never made him an offer. But we’ll see if Rodón has better luck, as he has expressed interest in returning as well.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants wrap up a three-game series against the Atlanta Braves today at 12:45 p.m. PT before an off-day and a weekend home series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.