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Monday BP: What do you want to see for the rest of the year?

What are you watching for over the next 22 games?

David Villar smiling Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants have 22 games left. Perhaps that’s the bad news — we only get to watch 22 more games before a long and boring baseball hiatus! Or perhaps that’s the good news — we only have to tough out 22 more games before this godforsaken season ends!

Whatever the case may be, the Giants will play 22 more times. There will be chances to make you smile and inspire confidence. Chances to bore you and disappoint you in brand new ways. Chances to play a spoiler. Chances to Beat LA. Chances to do cool things. Chances to make you remember why you love baseball, even in a crappy year.

So what are you looking for these final 22 games? I’ll get us started. Here are 10 things I’m wanting to see over the next/final 22 games.

  1. More David Villar awesomeness that results in him earning his spot on next year’s team.
  2. Lewis Brinson doing things that make you want to see more of him in 2023.
  3. Carlos Rodón staying healthy so he can cash some big checks.
  4. Brandon Belt appearing at the ballpark, hanging with his teammates, and talking about his desire to play next year.
  5. Beating the Los Angeles Dodgers one, two, or three times more.
  6. A Brandon Crawford backhand leading to a form planting of his back foot, and a perfect strike from deep in the hole.
  7. More Sean Hjelle!
  8. Some September call ups playing very well.
  9. Joey Bart trying to hit a splash hit.
  10. A perfect game.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants host the Atlanta Braves tonight at 6:45 p.m. PT.

Go Giants. Happy Monday, y’all!