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Chroncast #107: A frustrating and disappointing season

Farhan Zaidi thinks it’s fair to call this season frustrating and disappointing. Bryan and Doug wonder what this year’s failures mean for next season.

Jakob Junis looking upset Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

No reasonable person expected the San Francisco Giants to radically change direction after their historic 2021 season, but no reasonable person should be expected to consider this year anything other than frustrating and disappointing. And since Farhan Zaidi is a reasonable person, he agrees! In a recent interview with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Zaidi went through some of his thoughts on this year’s team and what their process last offseason could mean for this year’s.

This is all during a time when the Giants’ 2022 season has fallen into a ditch that is already being filled with concrete. It would be a criminal act to stick a fork in the actual players, but metaphorically, they’re done. They’re toast. They’re not going anywhere. A lot of these guys have written their seasons, even with a few dozen games left. The mathematical possibility of still being in contention for a playoff spot is just that — math. In the hearts and minds of reasonable people, there’s nothing worthwhile or competitive about the remainder of this Giants season.

But this Kawakami interview suggests maybe next year might also be a forgettable one, too. Bryan and Doug discuss. Do you agree?

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