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Giants snatch defeat from jaws of victory, lose 3-2 in extra innings after rain delay

And you probably couldn’t watch the last part of it. Which is honestly for the best.

Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It was a dramatic night in Milwaukee as the San Francisco Giants battled the Minnesota Twins and the forces of nature only to lose to both.

Alex Cobb had a great start, allowing four hits with seven strikeouts and two walks in five scoreless innings. He did not deserve any of what transpired after he left the game.

Meanwhile, Sonny Gray had a no-hitter going against the Giants into the fifth inning. Austin Slater got things going with a walk, but quickly got picked off. Luis González was hit by a pitch after that, and Joey Bart doubled off the wall to put him in scoring position for Tommy La Stella, who knocked him in on a sacrifice fly.

The real drama started after the seventh inning in the form of thunder, lightning, and a tornado warning that had fans scrambling towards the exits and the broadcast crew scrambling to move their equipment before they got electrocuted. And it was somehow not the biggest disaster of the night.

It was estimated that the storm wouldn’t pass until midnight local time, however after about a half hour they announced that the game would be resuming, less than an hour after it stopped. And oh, how I wish it hadn’t.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, that was the point at which Giants fans realized they would not be able to watch the rest of the game. Fox had been broadcasting the game, but switched to another game. It was assumed that they would resume the Giants vs. Twins broadcast after that, but nope. They wrapped their baseball coverage for the night and local Giants fans were left high and dry.

The game resumed much the same as it had been, with the Giants striking out in order in the top of the eighth. Then John Brebbia got into a jam in the bottom of the inning, allowing back to back singles immediately, putting runners at the corners with no outs. Miraculously, both he and Camilo Doval managed to shut things down the rest of the inning.

Things got off to a great start for the Giants in the ninth. Coming into this inning they’d only had the one hit the entire game. Then Wilmer Flores, Thairo Estrada and Brandon Crawford all singled to load the bases for Slater, with one out. And that’s when things got goofy.

Slater hit what should have been a routine sac fly. Instead, centerfielder Gilbert Celestino, who made the catch, forgot how many outs there were and didn’t immediately make a play, which not only allowed Flores to score easily, but allowed both runners to advance. Not that it mattered. It probably would have been a good idea to tack on a couple of insurance runs at this point, but they weren’t able to do anything else.

Then it all fell apart.

Doval came back out and walked Max Kepler to lead things off. He got two outs, but then walked Luis Arraez to bring up Carlos Correa. Correa, naturally, knocked in Kepler with a single. And that’s when things got ugly.

Kepler was initially held up at third, but Arraez never stopped and was past second base when the decision was made to send Kepler. After Mike Yastrzemski threw the ball to Crawford, he couldn’t see that Arraez was halfway between second and third, and no one signaled for him to make the throw, so he ended up standing there watching

So instead of the game being over, it left a runner at third for Jake Cave to knock in to tie the game. It was at this point, having been covering the game for over four hours, that I started rooting for the Twins to get another run and end it, because this had been my entire Saturday. But no, we instead got drawn out torture.

As I established, I wasn’t able to watch anything after the rain delay, just radio, so I’m not exactly sure what Luis González did to get thrown out as the extra innings runner, but I know that the broadcasters were disgusted, so I’m going to guess it was for the best that I didn’t see it.

It was also for the best that we could not watch the bottom of the tenth. With Dominic Leone pitching, Nick Gordon hit a sac fly to advance Twins extra innings runner Caleb Hamilton. Gio Urshela was walked unintentionally, then Kepler was walked intentionally, and then Leone walked Celestino to give up the winning run on a walk-off walk.

Brutal, all around, but at least we’re free.