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Chroncast #106: The Churn

What’s motivating the Giants’ churn-at-all-costs roster strategy? What’s motivating all these bunts?

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

A 60-61 San Francisco Giants squad is not one to get too excited about. Maybe not even one to crack a smile over. And certainly not one to believe has even the ~3.5% odds of making the postseason, according to some sources. Instead, it’s just a team to watch because we like watching baseball, and for most of us the Giants were are portal into the professional game.

None of that less than stellar though still objectively true perspective stops Bryan and Doug from getting into just what’s so frustrating about the 2022 team, but it also gives us — Doug, mostly — some reasons to convey to you, Dear Listener, as to why there’s something worth watching about this clearly unremarkable and clearly struggling team.

And then there’s talk of the Giants’ record against the NL West, Brandon Belt’s fate, and some eye-opening recent performances in a sea of letdowns.

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