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Chroncast Trade Deadline Special: RUF IS ON THE MOVE!

The Giants played around with the edges of their roster today to get some controllable, upside-potential players. But so what, right?

Darin Ruf running Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First off, hat tip to Crazy Crabbers (and Duane Kuiper) for inspiring this episode’s title, which tracks the moves the San Francisco Giants made at the 2022 deadline. Did they do enough to make the final two months of this season more interesting and/or set themselves up to be more interesting in the next couple of seasons? Bryan and Doug have answers to both! Do you agree?

They also discuss the big trade of the day and what that means for the Giants going forward. Does the Padres acquisition of Juan Soto mean that Giants fans should go mad, break each other’s heads open, and feast on the goo inside? Some sources say yes, but we’re Bryan and Doug aren’t so sure.

Podcasting note: We’ll be taking next Monday off, so, send us your questions for a mailbag segment in our return episode on 8/15!

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