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Thursday BP: Joey Bart is having a moment

And we’ve got just the shirt to commemorate it! Well, Breaking T does anyway. We don’t actually make shirts. And if we did they wouldn’t be as cool as this one.

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Good morning, baseball fans!

As a reminder, this is being written in advance, so I have not seen last night’s game. So the San Francisco Giants have either won six in a row, or won five of their last six games. Things seem to be turning around for the better, although playing literally any team other than the Los Angeles Dodgers helps with that. But so does Joey Bart.

In August so far (as of Wednesday afternoon), Bart has homered twice, and only had one game in which he has not had a hit. He had three off of Madison Bumgarner on Monday! For a player who was sent down in June to improve, he sure has shown improvement since his return in July. One can only hope the same magic can be worked on Luis González, who was optioned before last night’s game.

Back to the Bart train, though, the hype has been loud lately, and rightfully so. He’s having a moment. He had some big shoes to step into early this season and after a rough start, it’s great to see him get going.

To commemorate the moment, our friends over at Breaking T have come up with one of their best shirt designs to date:

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants wrap up this series against the Arizona Diamondbacks today with lunchtime baseball at 12:45 p.m. PT.