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Chroncast #103: Vibes-Based Bullpen Trust Rankings

As the trade deadline nears, Bryan and Doug try to make sense of the Giants’ strategy AND their mess of a bullpen.

Camilo Doval throwing a pitch in the Giants orange jerseys Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For years Bryan has said that the San Francisco Giants have reached the end of the line with a core group of players. Is this finally the year when he’s right? The Giants don’t seem to be firmly in the buy or sell camp, but given the dismaying results from the farm system, surely, obviously, they must be sellers looking to add some near-ML talent, right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIGHT?

In other news, it’s clear that the Giants bullpen is a place where hope goes to die and so it’s difficult to say that anyone in the bullpen is trustworthy; therefore, before getting into their player rankings, Doug and Bryan rank the five things in their worldview that they trust more than the Giants bullpen. They took a pretty big risk completing their rankings before the final out of the Cubs series!

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