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Minor League round up, July 5

Recapping Tuesday’s action from the Giants Minor League affiliates.

Jared Dupere holding a mitt while in college
ACL outfielder Jared Dupere hit 4-5, and finished a triple shy of the cycle on Tuesday
Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Only the San Francisco Giants Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League teams were in action Tuesday. Here’s what they did.

Link to the 2022 McCovey Chronicles Community Prospect List (CPL)

All listed positions are the positions played in that game.

ACL Orange (6-16)

ACL Giants Orange lost to the ACL Rockies 3-2 (7 innings)
Box score

Not too much going on here, but a very nice start from RHP Mikell Manzano (19, 2019 J2), who gave up just 4 baserunners and 1 run in 5 innings, while striking out 9 batters. It’s been a very strong year for Manzano ... his ERA isn’t great at 4.73, but his FIP is all the way down at 3.14, and he has 41 strikeouts to 6 walks in just 26.2 innings. Awesome stuff.

Less awesome stuff from RHP Melvin Adon, still on his rehab assignment after missing the last 2 seasons, who gave up 2 runs in an inning.

The offense was bad, with 3 hits, 0 walks, and 12 strikeouts. But catcher Freddy Tremaria (19, 2019 J2) homered, which was nice. Even with the good day he has an OPS of just .436 and a wRC+ of 18, but that doesn’t look nearly as bad when you compare it to his teammates!

Center fielder Kwan Adkins (25, 2018 30th-round) continued his nice season (.781 OPS, 111 wRC+) by hitting 1-3 with his 3rd stolen base. But it’s hard to get too excited about that given his age and level.

ACL Black (14-6)

ACL Giants Black beat the ACL D-backs Black 10-0 (7 innings)
Box score

Well, a whole lot more excitement in this one, particularly on the offensive side of things, where the Giants Black squad managed not just 9 hits, but 9 walks as well.

There were many good performances, but none nearly as great as the one put forth by right fielder Jared Dupere (23, 2021 13th-round), who hit 4-5 with a home run, a double, a stolen base, and 4 runs batted in. Have yourself a day, Jared, who saw his OPS leap up to .885 and his wRC+ to 131.

Joining Dupere in homer city was third baseman Elian Rayo (19, 2019 J2), who hit 1-2 with 2 walks, and rose his OPS to .732 and his wRC+ to 109.

Also nice offensive days for center fielder P.J. Hilson (21, 2018 6th-round), who hit 2-5 with a double, and left fielder Mauricio Pierre (18, 2020 J2), who hit 1-3 with a double, a walk, and a stolen base. Pierre currently has a .784 OPS and a 118 wRC+, which is exciting for someone who won’t turn 19 until late November.

The pitching was funny, as 2 arms combined to throw a shutout, but also allowed more walks than they had strikeouts. You don’t see that very often!

RHP Rolfi Jimenez (19, 2019 J2) pitched 5 innings, giving up 4 hits and 3 walks but striking out only 1 batter. It lowered his ERA to 4.02 and his FIP to 5.41, but he has just 11 strikeouts to 8 walks in 15.2 innings.

RHP William Suarez (24, 2015 J2) was much better on the K front, with 5 in just 2 innings, but also issued 4 walks. Yet even with those 4 walks, he has a gorgeous 30 strikeouts to 6 walks in 15 innings this year.

DSL Orange (10-13)

DSL Giants Orange beat DSL BAL Orange 4-3 (7 innings)
Box score

In addition to beating the BAL Orange team in a regular game, the Giants Orange squad beat them in the completion of an earlier game that had been suspended. But the stats are annoying and confusing with games that get played on multiple days, so I’ll just link that box score here.

But not a lot going on in this one. The offense was fairly stagnant, with a double from left fielder Oswaldo Ladera (19, 2019 J2) serving as the team’s only extra-base hit (and bumping his OPS to .739 and his wRC+ to 106). The only player to reach base multiple times was first baseman Brayan Ferrer (18, 2020 J2), who hit 2-3 and stole a base, raising his OPS to .669 and his wRC+ to 88.

RHP Ismael Mota (20, 2019 J2) had a nice outing, allowing 3 hits, 2 walks, and 2 unearned runs in 4 innings, while striking out 6 batters. He currently has a 1.89 ERA, a 4.27 FIP, and 21 strikeouts to 13 walks in 19 innings.

DSL Black (10-12)

DSL Giants Black beat the DSL Nationals 8-7
Box score

Some nice performances in this one. Catcher Alessandro Duran (17, 2021 J2) and third baseman Jean Carlos Sio (18, 2021 J2), who have both had slow starts to the season, each hit 2-4 with a double and a walk (Duran added a stolen base as well). It pushed Duran’s OPS to .419 and his wRC+ to 22, while Sio’s rose to .602 and 59, respectively.

Also reaching base 3 times were DH Moises De La Rosa (17, 2021 J2), who hit 0-2 but drew a walk and was hit twice, raising his OPS to .823 and his wRC+ to 128, and right fielder Fabio Villadiego (18, 2020 J2), who hit 3-4, which bumped his OPS to .695 and his wRC+ to 103.

The first pair of pitchers to go for the Giants Black team were bad, but then things got very nice. RHP Marlon Franco (19, 2019 J2) took a step towards resetting his tough start to the year, by allowing just 1 hit in 2.1 scoreless innings, and striking out 3. His ERA is still 7.45, and his FIP 4.99, but he now has 14 strikeouts to 3 walks in 9.2 innings.

RHP Alfonso Perez (16, 2021 J2) and RHP Luiz Yepez (20, 2019 J2) each struck out 1 in a hitless, walkless, scoreless inning. Perez has only pitched 2 innings as a pro, but he has 4 strikeouts, 0 walks, and just 1 hit. He’s 16, so I’m going to get irrationally excited and you can’t stop me.

Home runs

ACL Jared Dupere (4)
ACL Elian Rayo (2)
ACL Freddy Tremaria (1)


LHP Kyle Harrison (No. 5 CPL) has been named to the Futures Game, which will take place at All-Star weekend.

Wednesday schedule

Sacramento: @ Salt Lake Bees (Angels), 5:35 p.m. PT
Richmond: vs. Reading Fightin Phils (Phillies), 3:35 p.m. PT
Eugene: @ Hillsboro Hops (Diamondbacks), 7:05 p.m. PT
San Jose: @ Fresno Grizzlies (Rockies), 6:50 p.m. PT
ACL Orange: Off
ACL Black: Off
DSL Orange: Off
DSL Black: Off